How Long Do Cedar Roof Shingles Last?

Cedar shingles are a non-traditional roofing material that provides a different, aesthetically attractive option for every roof. Cedar is ideal for both historical and vacation properties and any other house in between. The length of time a cedar roof lasts only adds to its charm. A cedar roof's timeless appeal complements the rustic feel, and customizing a roof can enhance its individuality even more. A cedar roof adds flair and detail to a house that standard shingles may not provide. When a property has a cedar roof, it will undoubtedly stand out. Now the question is, how long do cedar roof shingles last?

I have answered that question in this article, so keep reading.

Cedar log cabin chalet with cedar wood shingle roof in a beautiful wooded forest, How Long Do Cedar Roof Shingles Last?

How Long Do Cedar Roof Shingles Last?

Cedar is recognized for its longevity when compared to other roofing materials. Because cedar resists weather that may harm roofs composed of different materials, it lasts longer. Cedar roofs, like cedar shingles, are highly resistant to storm damage. They will endure high winds, snow, heavy rain, and even a hurricane without crumbling. That is why many coastal houses that take severe storms benefit from cedar roofs. Other roofing materials may decay more rapidly and be replaced more frequently.

Gable dormer window and wood shingled roof

Cedarwood's natural antioxidants protect the structures it covers from deterioration. These preservatives resist the wood's natural elements, dampness, and decay. The coats are constantly fighting to prevent cedar roofs from getting wet. The lifespan of a cedar shingle roof is 30 years, but when properly maintained, it may endure for more than 50 years. We've even seen some Cedar roof shingles last over 90 years! Maintaining a cedar roof will ensure that it lasts longer.

Things to know about Cedar roof shingles life expectancy 

The average lifespan of a Cedar Roof is 20 to 40 years, with proper care. Many homeowners choose cedar roofs for their timeless beauty and eco-friendliness. Before putting a cedar roof on your home and maintaining it for its longevity, there are several things to consider. Continue reading to find out which ones might influence whether or not you should buy something.

New cedar shingle roof, gutters, eaves and paned windows on a new home


The length of time a manufacturer's warranty may cover a cedar roof varies depending on the manufacturer, but it generally aims to last 15-30 years. The warranty merely indicates that the maker will compensate if the product fails within this time frame. This doesn't always imply a complete replacement or repair, so make sure you read the fine print to determine what costs you will be responsible for under your warranty's terms.

Building Materials

Before buying, you should research the quality and longevity of materials before choosing a specific product or brand. Ensure the material you're getting meets current underwriting standards with your insurance company since insurance companies prioritize different materials over others to protect you in the event of a hurricane.

If a roofer suggests something, be sure their company has a good reputation. Know about the changes in maintenance this will make for your roof and the addition of features like a rooftop heating/air-conditioning unit, skylight, or satellite dish. Make sure you follow all of the necessary procedures to obtain the greatest return from your investment.

Wood Rot

Wood shake shingle roof more then 30 years old decaying and falling apart

When there is no maintenance and no inspection, wood rot will shorten the lifespan of your cedar roof. Wood rot happens when the wood's moisture level goes above 20%, allowing the fungus to grow and start causing damage. On the other hand, some woods are naturally resistant to rot; examples include redwood, western cedar, and cypress. Over time, if these woods are not adequately coated with a waterproof solution, they can be damaged by wood rot in the same way as any other wood. It's critical to ensure that the wood used for your cedar roof is of good quality and has been treated to prevent the wood from setting in and causing harm to your house.

Location of Home

Your home's location might be the reason your roof deteriorates rapidly. Roofs in Chicago may succumb to the elements quickly due to the weather. The wood on your top can expand and contract, causing it to split due to hot, humid summers that transition into bitterly cold and icy winters. Despite their look and cost advantage over asphalt shingles, Cement shingles may not endure as long. The UV radiation from the sun can also reduce the life expectancy of a roof by years if it isn't properly maintained. Cedar, thankfully, is a very robust material that can last for decades if cared for adequately with regular maintenance.

Maintenance of Wood Coatings

It's also crucial to preserve the surface of the wood from moisture and weather elements by painting or applying a waterproof finish to it. Ensure your contractor advises you on the best sealant or covering for your roof to ensure you get the most out of it.

The most common mistake homeowners make believing that they can sit back and relax after installing the roof. Don't fall for this trap! Make sure you schedule regular or annual cedar roof maintenance to keep your roof at its best.

Water Damage

Water is the primary cause of severe roof damage, and if left unchecked, it can lead to more expensive roof repairs than planned. If you want your cedar roof to last as long as possible, choose a competent contractor that will adequately slope and seal all surfaces. Once the roof is installed, check it every time it rains to ensure that small puddles aren't forming, and if they are, contact us right away to schedule some maintenance. A cedar roof's longevity and durability easily surpass a typical asphalt roof with appropriate upkeep.

Cedar Shake Roof Cost

The cost of installing a 3,000-square-foot cedar roof shingles ranges from $18,000 to $20,000, or about $600 to $670 per square. The low cost of installation is approximately $16,000, and the high cost is about $27,000.

A shake is a split wooden shingle that has been sawn on one side. These have been used for hundreds of years on houses as a traditional roofing material. Cedar is a common choice since it is cost-effective, long-lasting, and durable. If properly maintained, these roofs endure more than 30 years, but they must be replaced because they may decay, crack, and leak.

Cedar shake roof

In conclusion, Choosing to replace your roof is a significant decision, but choosing a cedar roof is one you won't be sorry about. Cedar roofs are famous for their beauty and distinction. Friends, family, and neighbors may not be able to contain their jealousy over the improved aesthetics of a cedar roof. Cedar roofs are a long-term investment. Cedar is not only beautiful and highly durable, but it also has a significant return on investment. By opting for a natural cedar roof, you can save money in the long run.

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