What’s The Best Paint To Paint Roof Tiles

do you want a fresh coat of paint on your roof? Maybe you'd like to update the look of your home? Your roof will require attention sooner or later if you live in a hot environment. It might be difficult to choose the appropriate materials. Selecting the finest option might be difficult with so many options and producers on the market.

Here are some suggestions for roof painting to help you make an informed decision and select the best materials for the material's surface and condition.

Spray paint red roof tiles, What's The Best Paint To Paint Roof Tiles

Preparing the Roof

a professional master (roofer) with electric screwdriver covers repairs the roof

If you hire a professional roofer to do your roof, all you have to do is read the contract carefully, sign it, and wait for the work to be completed. You've just gotten a new coat of paint on your house.

However, it's critical to note that painting a roof necessitates more than simply going up there and applying paint; it begins with a thorough investigation that covers every stage.

Clean the Roof

After applying any coating, the roof should be cleaned meticulously. The ways to clean your roof depend on the kind of roof it is.

Keep in mind that roof cleaning should be left to the experts. The primary reason for this is that a thorough clean-up must be done carefully to avoid any problems.

After all, don't you want to avoid flooding your house? Roofers also have the appropriate tools, such as high-pressure water blasters and commercial cleaning products.

Assess the Condition of the Roof

Roofer builder worker attach metal sheet to the chimney

Any concerns with your roof should be addressed before painting can begin. Something little like the tiles becoming somewhat porous, or something major like broken tiles or rust on your metal/tin/Colorbond roof are two examples of issues.

Roofs are generally not replaced until they have been completely destroyed. We can examine your roof to see if it's a candidate for re-coating and advise you whether it's time to replace it.

After the cleaning, your roof's condition should be assessed for two reasons:

  • Even the tiniest imperfections will be visible on a well-maintained roof.
  • When cleaning the roof, it's important to be cautious and remove any loose tiles or other debris that could cause additional harm.

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Fix Any Issues Found

If any serious problems are discovered, they should be dealt with as soon as possible. After all, a new, bright roof is meaningless if it does not perform its fundamental function.

Hiring a roofer will be your finest choice since they will be able to give you insurance coverage.

Getting Ready

It's time to paint your roof now that the labor is complete.

  • According to your roof type, you may use a primer, sealer, pointing compound, and paint combination. Continue reading to learn more about which products are best suited for you.
  • An airless sprayer is used to paint the roof. Airless paint sprayers cut down on the time needed for painting the roof by a large margin. Paint rollers and brushes, on the other hand, take twice as long and produce an uneven and patchy finish.
  • Roofers should be cautious. Roofers wear non-slip shoes and a safety harness to avoid falling, and if your roof is more than two meters high, they install guard rails.
  • Cover any skylights and vents. To avoid paint on your vents, use plastic covers.

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Apply Primer

white roof coating

Applying a thin coat of primer to all roofing products uniformly.

The primer will help you get better, brighter, and more uniform colors, as well as provide additional features such as rust protection. Allow it to dry for at least two hours before using it again.

Start Painting

As soon as the primer has fully cured, you may begin painting. A second coat might take two hours or longer to dry depending on the paint maker's datasheet.

Whether it's two or three coats of paint, you can apply them to your roof if you want bright or vivid colors.

Concrete Tile Roof Paints

roof tile, or painted concrete, orange with ventilation and a top row on the ridge. blue sky, side view

Concrete tile roofs are undoubtedly durable. However, they do require some attention and repair at times if you want them to remain in excellent shape.

To help you determine when it's time to paint your concrete tile roof, Nutech Paint has some excellent solutions available.

The first coat you should apply is the primer after you've cleaned your concrete roof well and confirmed that there are no immediate problems such as damaged or misplaced tiles.

The Nutech Paint Master Sealer is made specifically for porous, exposed concrete tiles and masonry surfaces.

It's great for those unpredictable Australian weather conditions, with its outstanding performance in hot, cold, and wet weather.

The Krylon Acrylic Latex paint is a water-based acrylic primer and sealer with exceptional build and surface adhesion. The following are some of its key advantages:

  • Improved flexibility and hardness
  • Exceptional weatherproofing performance
  • Easy application
  • Fast drying

Waterlox is a fantastic product for concrete and terra cotta tiles, as well as metal roofs, thanks to next-generation roof coating technology.

Dirt is less likely to be retained on the surface because of this substance's Waterfall Form Technology, which reduces friction and increases the coating's self-cleaning ability. Tileflex eventually offers longer gloss retention than any other acrylic conventional roof coating on the market.


Tileflex is also available in 46 standard colors with a Low Sheen or High Gloss finish. The colors can be customized upon request as well.

Nutech Paint's NuFlex is another one of its products for cement and roof tiles, as well as masonry surfaces. The product is described by the company as a “fine particle size, wet adhesion increased acrylic emulsion coating.”

This is ideal for use on driveways, sidewalks, patios, balconies, and other surfaces. It provides excellent water resistance and protection against harsh weather conditions. It also has improved mold, fungus, and lichen resistance than standard asphalt shingles. Like Tileflex, NuFlex is also available in 46 standard hues and may be customized. The color will not fade for at least 8 years after installation following proper preparation and application, according to the manufacturer.

If you want to go above and beyond, Nutech Paint's NXT Cool Zone is their environmentally responsible roof coating. NXT Cool Zone is a ground-breaking roof coating that redefines performance and the industry as a whole. It is the result of 45 years of experience in advanced coating development.

Colorbond Roof Paint

 Gutter system for a metal roof. Holder gutter drainage system on the roof.

The majority of people are unaware that a faded Colorbond roof implies the need for a complete replacement. Roofs constructed of Colorbond may be refurbished. If you're looking for a solution to restore your Colorbond roof, we've put together a list of some fantastic products that are specifically made for it.


Premier Roof Coatings' Premier Coatmort is a 100-percent acrylic gloss membrane that's meant to be used for repainting and protecting Colorbond and metal roofing surfaces.

For metal or Colorbond roofs with flaky paint or exposed bare metal, a metal primer, such as Premcoat Metal Primer, will be required. The primer ensures that the paint has the optimum sticking power possible, and the metal is protected. If you don't use a primer, you run the risk of seeing more flaking.

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