What’s The Best Paint To Paint Colorbond Roof

Colorbond roofing is a common choice among Sydneysiders since it is long-lasting, robust, thermally efficient, and has a nice look about it. In Australia, because of the country's severe, shifting weather, colorbond is a popular choice. Colorbond is a zincalume-based paint that is extremely resistant to corrosion. Because of its corrosion resistance, Colorbonding is a popular coastal, rural, and urban roofing material.

Colorbond was first used in the late 1960s and rapidly supplanted corrugated roofs. Colorbond is a highly durable, cost-effective substitute for wood fence panels that comes in a variety of colors and may be placed over grass or other hard surfaces. Traditional black asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are long gone from most homes. However, as a result of their scarcity for many years and because many Colorbond roofs still have several years left in their structure, individuals with older Colorbond roofs are looking to breathe new life into it with a coat of paint.

Whether you own a faded Colorbond roof or are moving into one and the present color doesn't suit your personality, it is feasible to renew your Colorbond roof and extend its life. Painting over a Colorbond roof is an excellent approach to improve the aesthetic appeal of your property while still retaining many of the benefits from the installation.

House with colorbond roofing in a cloudy day, What's The Best Paint To Paint Colorbond Roof


Colorbond is not paintable, many people believe. This notion, however, is incorrect. If the right paint and a skilled craftsman are used, Colorbond can easily be rebuilt and repainted.

Painting a Colorbond roof necessitates particular methods and techniques. An individual can't do this work alone. Colorbond roofing can be restored by a qualified roofing contractor, and it's critical to find someone who has the skills and understanding in Colorbond roofing.

New metal roofing material reflecting the sun

Colorbond roofing materials need a specific level of expertise and equipment that are specifically designed for them. If you hire a non-professional to paint a Colorbond roof, it will result in an inadequate job with an unknown finish that will eventually cost you money. Don't risk an amateur job by attempting to paint your roof yourself. It may take time, effort, experience, and specialized Colorbond metal roofing knowledge to complete a Colorbond painting — don't take the chance.


Colorbond Roofs are renowned for their durability and hardiness. The lifespan of a Colorbond roof is significantly longer than other roofing materials, particularly in Australia's severe weather. So, why should you replace a Colorbond roof?

Once a roof has reached the end of its useful life, it is common for the materials to be in great shape while the harsh Australian sun can cause a minor color change. Repainting a Colorbond roof can drastically change the look of a property while also restoring its deteriorating appearance. The following are situations in which a Colorbond roof may require repainting:

• Fading and chalky appearance

• Stubborn Staining

• Flaking or Bubbling Paint

• Seawater Exposure

If you just invested in a new home with Colorbond roofing and don't like the current hue, you may repaint it to match your house's style or theme.

Colorbond roofing materials were first produced in the 1960s when there were fewer options for color and style. There are presently over 20 various colors to pick from to match your home and the surrounding environment. If you have an old Colorbond shade roof that you wish to replace with a newer color, a quick repaint will leave you with a clean finish.

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A trademan uses an airless spray to paint the roof of a building

Painting Colorbond roofs should be left to the professionals. When the Colorbond roof is to be repainted, it's best if a professional who knows how to work with that material and uses precisely formulated products does the job. The technique of repairing a Colorbond roof is not as straightforward as painting a concrete tile roof, and the process is in many ways different. Painting Colorbond roof sheeting requires careful preparation and a multilayer coating system that is essential to a long-lasting and attractive finish.

A specialist roofer will be required to correctly restore Colorbond roofing:

1. Assess the Roof’s Existing Condition

The roofer will first need to have a thorough knowledge of the roof's current condition. A comprehensive roof inspection will be required to ensure a uniform installation. From a distance, an unsightly Colorbond roof can appear to be in poor condition. It's frequently just dirt that requires more cleaning. Flaking or fuming paint might be signs of hidden rust rather than flaky or bubbling paint. Colorbond roofing is often so durable that the paint has simply been lightly weathered and faded.

An expert roofer will also assess the damage and make any necessary fixes or replacements. It also entails replacing any old lead nails, rusted screws, and sheets as needed. This will guarantee that the paint is applied to high-quality materials with the best possible results.

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2. Pressure Clean for Preparation

Man standing on ladder and cleaning house metal roof with high pressure washer

When it's discovered that your Colorbond needs to be repainted, the entire surface must first be cleaned before the priming and painting process. The Roof Cleaning Company in Christchurch uses a pressure washer with a 3000psi pump to clean the roof. The oxidized paint will be broken down by an industrial pressure cleaner, resulting in a surface that is most receptive to painting application.

It is critical to the success of a Colorbond roof repaint to clean the roof. To ensure good adhesion, clean and prepare the surface correctly. If you don't, the paint will flake off over time as a result of incorrect cleaning and preparation. If the roofing has any spots of rust, the contractor will need to apply a specific rust treatment before priming it.

3. Prime the Surface

The Colorbond roofing paint procedure continues with the materials being properly primed. The primer will adhere the paint to the bare metal surface to the maximum extent possible. Roof paint for Colorbond is self-priming and does not require prepping before use. A primer, on the other hand, can be used to ensure consistent coverage.

A primer will be used on your roof that has been created particularly for spray painting. The primer is applied with pressure from an airless spray gun, resulting in a more secure bond and a smooth, level surface on which to paint.

4. Paint the Roof

Roof painter

Colourbond roof paints are specialty water-based acrylic membrane paint designed exclusively for metal and steel roofs. For a consistent appearance, the surfaces of these paints are expertly covered using an airless spray gun. Because Colorbond roofing materials do not adhere as well when painted using different methods, they cannot be painted. Your roofing contractor will apply two coats of membrane coating before the second coat is applied.

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