What Kind of Roof Tiles Are The Best?

With so many various sorts of roof tiles accessible today, determining which one is best for you may be stressful. The number of choices for homeowners to sift through its huge, from classic concrete or clay roof tiles to incredibly durable metal tiles, or even gorgeous natural slate roof tiles.

Roof tile comes in a variety of styles and surfaces. Each type of roof tile has its own set of benefits, including durability, longevity, beauty, the convenience of installation, and more. It all boils down to weighing the pluses and drawbacks of each alternative, deciding on the roof tile that is ideal for you.

red roof texture tile with perfect setting of climate, What Kind of Roof Tiles Are The Best?

How Do I Choose Roof Tiles?

So, which range of roof tiles should you look into when narrowing down your search and selecting the tile that's ideal for your home? After that, there are several factors to consider.

Beautiful and new orange roof tile pattern on modern house

Roof Design & Structure

The style and pitch of your roof structure will influence the type of roof tiles you can choose. If the mound is very low, certain types of tile will not be appropriate for installation. Instead, you'll need to search for specific tile designs that are specifically created for low pitch roof fittings.

Aesthetics & Appearance

Of course, you want your roof to look good as well. Consider each roof tile's type and finish when assessing them for suitability. A sleek modern slate or lightweight roof tile may look out of place in a home that is historically designed with period elements.

Choose a hue that matches your home's external color scheme and isn't in conflict with the brick. Consider how your new tiled roof will fit into the natural flow of the street and whether it will match the appearance of neighboring homes.

Geography & Climate

The majority of tiles in the UK are produced in factories that adhere to various tile profiles. Take the time to learn about the roof tiles that are popular in your region when selecting one.

Consider the local climate conditions before finalizing your property's purchase. Do you live in a region that is frequently windy, experiences frequent rain and hail storms? Is your house near to the sea? Do you get extremely hot summers and lightning storms? Consider the sort of weather in your region when selecting a tile that will last.

Local Planning Restrictions

Your local authority may have rules that limit the types of tiles you can use. You may be required to plan according to a certain type of tile that blends into the neighborhood's appearance. A variety of conditions may require special consent.


Whether you're ready to spend absolutely nothing or simply want to cut costs as far as possible, preparing a project budget is an excellent method of determining which kind of roof tile is best for your budget. Consider both the long-term and short-term costs, including but not limited to installation, transportation, and maintenance, as well as just the tile price alone.

What are the Most Durable Roof Tiles?

Clay roof tiles perfect for long lasting test of time in short it doesn't be easily destroy except for calamities

Let's begin with the basics of roof construction: durability. Roof tiles are extremely vulnerable to the elements, so it's critical to choose one that is suitable.

Clay tiles are a traditional roofer's favorite, owing to their tremendous strength and longevity. Clay's robust construction is designed to endure strong winds, significant hail and rain, high temperatures, and even fire. In fact, clay roof tiles are so long-lasting that they have been discovered to survive hundreds of years after being made.

Natural slates are a great option for both resilience and durability. Slate is one of the most durable natural roofing materials available. Because of its fiberglass construction, it may survive all types of weather conditions and maintain structural integrity when subjected to severe winds, scorching heat, and hail. It's also flame-resistant, non-combustible (meaning it can't catch fire) and non-toxic.

Metal roof tiles are great for building a solid and durable roof. Metal roof tiles are also long-lasting and sturdy. They're made to endure rain, wind, fire, mildew, and insects while having a lighter weight.

Which Roof Tiles Last the Longest?

stack of new concrete roof tile gray color at construction site

If you want your roof to stand the test of time, opting for a roof tile with a long lifespan is essential.

Clay and concrete are two of the most durable roof tile materials available to buy, with a lifespan of over a century. Many clays and concrete roof tiles have a life expectancy of more than 100 years, which means they outlive the buildings they're placed on.

Slate tiles, like porcelain tiles, may also last a long time. Although the tiles' life span is determined by quality, upkeep, and installation, many slates can endure for anywhere between 60 and over 150 years! Isn't it amazing?

What are the Most Cost-Effective Roof Tiles?

roof ridge close up of concrete tiled pitched roof with strong pattern

The cost-effectiveness of a roof tile is determined by the initial up-front price as well as other expenses such as installation and maintenance charges, as well as any savings realized throughout the tile's lifespan.

Concrete tiles are typically quite cheap to install. Concrete roof tiles are a cost-effective alternative to slate and metal. They come in a variety of styles and colors, starting at around £0.50 per tile, making them ideal for homeowners on a budget who want a durable roofing material. Concrete has a high thermal mass and, as a result, boosts the building's thermal efficiency. This helps you save money on your energy bills while also enhancing its energy efficiency.

Fiber cement tiles, which are manufactured from Portland cement and fibers, resemble natural slate in terms of visual appeal but at a significantly reduced cost. Fibre cement slates are lightweight yet sturdy, making them perfect for transportation, installation, and maintenance. Due to their lightweight and long life span, they are easy to transport, install, and maintain, so fitting and maintenance expenditures are kept to a minimum.

Metal roof tiles, which are available in both commercial and residential versions, are produced as a readily installable sheet for faster, less expensive installation and an overall lower purchasing price per m².

Which Roof Tiles are the Easiest to Install?

red roof texture tile with perfect setting of climate

If you're considering a roofing project as a DIYer, the ease with which it may be put together should be among your top concerns.

Concrete roof tiles are a great option for do-it-yourself projects. They're quick and easy to install, making them ideal for home remodels. Concrete tile installations and replacements are simpler due to contemporary fitting techniques. The installation and replacement of concrete tiles are far less difficult than that of alternative tile types because of modern fabrication technology.

Metal roof tiles can be quickly installed up to 10 times faster than other conventional alternatives as a result of their increased surface area and modernized installation processes. They're also extremely light, making transportation, handling, and storage a lot easier.

Plastic roof tiles are designed to be installed on a wide variety of different roofs, and they come with a lightweight, straightforward design that makes them simple to install. Plastic roof tiles are now almost always installed with simple install methods, so you'll usually only need a few basic screws to attach them.

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