What Are The Different Types of Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is more expensive to install than a basic asphalt shingle, but it has several benefits. Metal roof pricing may range from $5 to $14 per square foot, depending on the type of metal utilized. The most popular metal roofing is a steel metal roof installation that costs an average of $35,516 for a $1,800 square foot house. Metal roofs aren't the cheapest option on the market. There are additional materials to consider.

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What is Metal Roofing?

Metal roofs are made of aluminum, copper, steel, tin, and zinc. Roofs made of slate, tile, and corrugated metal are all examples of roofing materials.

Metal roofing may be a fantastic long-term choice since to the fact that it has a longer lifespan, stability, low maintenance, and high return on investment. It's a one-time expenditure with a range of five to 20 decades depending on the metal alloy used.

Building contractor is installing metal roofing sheets on the rooftop of the house using electric screwdriver.

Types of Metal Roofing

The most common kinds of metal roofs on the market are:

  • Metal Slate Roofs
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs
  • Steel Roofs
  • Tin Roofing
  • Zinc Metal Roof
  • Aluminum Roofs
  • Copper Roofing
  • Corrugated Metal Roof
  • Metal Tile Roofs

Metal Roof Prices by Type

Metal roofing is a generic term that covers a wide range of materials and pricing. The cost of a metal roofing system is determined by the type of metal and its density. The price varies between $5 and $12 per square foot, depending on the type of metal chosen. Aluminum and fiberglass are the two most popular metal roofing materials. Aluminum panels, for example, are typically less expensive and more frequently utilized in low-slope applications like greenhouses.

Aluminum Roof Costs

One of the most long-lasting metal roofing materials is aluminum. The translucent aluminum warms up the reflectively colored aluminum, reflecting radiant heat and keeping your home cool. This also applies to your air conditioning unit. Let's assume you want to change the thermostat setting to a lower degree. When you do so, it will adjust the temperature of your home and keep it at that level for increasingly long periods of time. Therefore, if you turn up the thermostat from 60°F to 70°F, for example, your air conditioner works less frequently as well as requiring less power and energy.

The cost of an aluminum roof varies from $3 to $9 per square foot. Rather than metal panels, they are made of tiles or shingles. The expense of installing aluminum shingles ranges between $15,500 and $28,000. Metal shingles are not as inexpensive as corrugated metal roofing panels, but they are a more cost-effective alternative. Aluminum shingles, on the other hand, are far more long-lasting and leak-proof than corrugated metal roofing panels.

The material is also fire-resistant and resistant to extreme weather, such as hurricanes and other disasters.

stainless steel rain gutter of house.

Copper Roofing Costs

If you want your roof to have a stunning copper tone, copper roofing is the way to go. In hot areas, concrete roofs are the best option since they last 60 years and provide high fire resistance. Copper is an excellent electrical insulator, which means it does not conduct electricity well. As a result, you are safe from lightning-induced burns.

Over time, the color of copper might become green and oxidize. Copper may become green and oxidize in approximately 20 years. You may want to ask for your roof to be coated with a transparent polyurethane or clear lacquer to preserve its natural fresh sheen when it is built.

Copper roofs are one of the most costly metal roofing materials, with prices ranging from $4 to $15 per square foot. The average cost of a new copper roof installation is approximately $23,000 to $48,000. If properly cared for, copper roofs may endure up to 80 years.

Corrugated Metal Roof Costs

Corrugated metal sheeting has a repeating pattern of wavy or rippled lines. A simple metal roof is long-lasting and durable, but a corrugated metal roof boasts greater strength-to-weight ratios and outlasts much longer in adverse weather conditions.

Corrugated metal roofing is typically the most cost-effective form of metal roofing, with costs ranging from $1.20 to $5.00 per square foot, which is comparable to asphalt shingle roofs. The typical cost of installing a corrugated steel roof is $10,500 to $19,500. You can choose from corrugated aluminum roofs, steel or copper roofs based on your needs.

Corrugated steel roofing panels are thin and light, making them ideal for covering an existing roof. This lowers the cost of switching out old roofing materials. The quality, on the other hand, is usually comparable to or exceeds the price since these metal panels are prone to leaks and corrosion.

Metal Slate Roofs

Slate timber roofs have a distinct variety of metal slates, which are heavier and more durable than natural slate roofs. Natural slates are composed of natural stones that are rather hefty. Before you make the decision to put a steel roof on your house, you must first verify that it is strong enough to carry the weight.

Metal roofing systems with paint, on the other hand, offer a wider range of colors and designs to select from. Metal roofs not only protect the building's interior but also provide far better insulation than traditional clay or slate shingles. A painted roof that is made of lightweight, long-lasting, and attractive composite materials might be an excellent alternative.

The most widely utilized roofing material is metal. The most frequent zinc or aluminum-coated materials are in use. Metal roofs cost between $5 and $12 per square foot of coverage, on average. Installing a metal roof on a 2,400-square-foot home will set you back an estimated $21,000 to $31,500 in total costs (not including labor).

View of a roof showing the lead valley and roof slates.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Costs

Metal roofs with a continuous seam endure two to three times longer than non-metal roofs and have considerably greater longevity. They are the most popular type of metal roof since they allow for the use of only metal materials. The vertical panels of the structure are connected by interlocking seams, as seen in the image below.

The average cost of a metal roof ranges from $4 to $6 per square foot. The typical price of installing a standing seam metal roof on an average-sized house is between $23,000 and $30,000. They're available in six different colors: aluminum, galvalume steel, galvanized steel, copper or zinc metal, and so on. They perform admirably in extreme weather conditions such as snow, hail, and fire.

Steel Roofing Costs

A steel roof is less likely to fracture, shrink, and wear than an asphalt or tile roof. This adds years to the life of your roof. Steel roofing is a popular type of roof because it is energy efficient and recyclable. The cost of a steel roof ranges from $3 to $9 per square foot. The price of a typical home with vinyl or composite shingles is around $15,000 to $25,000.

A metal roofing system, on the other hand, will save you money on your insurance premiums because it is better than a new asphalt roof shingle installation.

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Tin Roofing Costs

Roofs constructed of tin are rolled steel with a thin layer of tin on top. Tin is plated onto steel using a plating process that involves heating and wetting the material. The steel and tin molecules vibrate rapidly as a result of the heat, interlocking and joining together, resulting in your tin roof that is long-lasting and crack-free.

Tin roofs last a long time and are environmentally friendly since they are manufactured from 30 to 60% recycled materials. The cost of tin roofing ranges from $3.25 to $14.65 per square feet. Tin roofing installation prices vary greatly, depending on the slope, pitch, and size of your roof.

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