How To Cut Plastic Corrugated Roofing?

Corrugated fiberglass or PVC roofing, which may be translucent or opaque, is ideal for greenhouses, sheds, and porch add-ons. The most common method of installing this is to attach it to wooden or plastic braces. It's available in 4- by 8- and 10-foot sizes, and you install it by screwing it to wooden or plastic supports. The corrugations are cut to match the braces and nailed to the roof rafters. When cutting corrugated plastic roofing, a circular saw and a carbide blade may be used, but the cut must be properly supported. The vibrations of the saw cause it to wobble, possibly binding or pushing the saw off the cut line.

Cutting polycarbonate sheet by hand - How To Cut Plastic Corrugated Roofing

Step 1

Set the corrugated sheet on a flat surface and measure its length or breadth, as needed. If required, cut it with scissors or a craft knife. To make markings on both sides or ends of the sheet, draw a line between them with a straightedge.

Step 2

Place the sheet over the flat surface's edge and align the line you drew with it. If your material has more than 3 feet of hanging rubbish on one side, enlist the help of a coworker to keep it in place while you cut. When working, put on goggles for both of you.

Step 3

Set the depth of cut on a circular saw to its maximum depth. A standard, carbide-tipped blade is suitable. With one hand holding the blade guard open and the other keeping it stable, begin cutting along the line with the other.

Step 4

The machine will continue to cut through the material until it can rest on top of it with the guard. When you're ready to cut, release the safety with your free hand and press the roofing against a flat surface. Vibrations are reduced by minimizing vibrations, which helps to minimize chipping, binding, and wandering.

Step 5

Cutting slowly and gradually from one end of the line until you reach the other is a good way to go. Continue cutting past the sheet's end and allow the off-cut to fall freely. It's also important to note that when you trim up the edge of an off-cut, nothing should be done with it. The cut edge simply needs to fall away before you pull the material away.

What can I use to cut corrugated plastic?

Group of translucent roofing sheets for industrial roofing mater

A straightedge and a circular saw equipped with a carbide blade is the best method for cutting corrugated plastic roofing. However, it is also possible to use scissors, a craft knife, and a utility knife.

What else can I do?

When working with roofing materials, you should always wear safety goggles. Additionally, if you are making multiple cuts in the same area of material or length of material (other than large panels), it is best practice to place wedges along the cut line for each cut you make. When all of your cuts have been made on one side; flip the sheet over and repeat this process on the other side as well. If you must support a length of material while cutting it, enlist the help of a coworker to hold it in place.

How can I do this?

Set a circular saw's blade depth to its maximum setting and align your cut line with the material's edge. With one hand, keep the saw stable as you safely release the safety switch on it with your other hand.

Carefully begin cutting at one end of your chalked or marked cut line until you've reached the other end. You should be able to easily continue through the material without much resistance from vibration or binding.

Slowly feed extra virgin olive oil along the length of your blade before each cut if needed, though it is usually not necessary for corrugated plastics. If any chipping has occurred during a previous cut, gently file them down and restart the cut.

What if I don't have a circular saw?

Close up of working process, worker in protective gloves are cutting with electric angle grinder a metal tile of roof sheet. Roofing concept

If you do not have a circular saw or other means of cutting corrugated plastic, you can use scissors, craft knives, utility knives, and even tape measures. Unfortunately, straight edges are difficult to make with these materials as such; creating your own is advised (or using regular sheet metal).

Can I use regular roofing tiles instead?

Yes. Standard ceramic tiles and other types of roofing sheets will work to replace plastic ones. They may require extra sealant around their edges for installation to keep them from leaking should they become displaced or dislodged. You'll also want to consider that ceramic or slate roofing tiles will cost more than your standard plastic sheeting.

Light orange classic roof tiles, new roof covering, traditional roofing service concept.

Is it easy to cut corrugated plastic?

Yes. It is easy to cut corrugated plastic roofing tiles with either a circular saw or scissors, depending on the material's thickness.

Are screws best for cutting corrugated plastic?

No. Using screws to hold sheets of roofing in place while you cut them can lead to binding and other problems. It is best to use wedges along your cut line instead.

How far away should I stand from the sheet when cutting it?

A building contractor is cutting corrugated metal roof sheet using an angle grinder to cover the rooftop of the house construction.

You should stand at least ten feet away from any sheet of roofing when making cuts into it. The further away you are, the less likely you'll be caught up by falling shrapnel or fragments should they become dislodged during a cut. Additionally, keep your hands away from the path of any falling debris.

How can I avoid or minimize chipping?

If you are cutting corrugated plastic roofing, use a circular saw equipped with a carbide blade. If you do not have access to one, try using scissors, craft knives, or utility knives instead. Avoid letting these tools rest against the material's surface as this will lead to chipping and poor cuts in general just as easily as it would on most other materials.

Will my roof look different if I cut it?

Building contractor is cutting lightweight metal, steel, corrugated, paint coated roofing sheet with an electric angle grinder

A properly installed sheet of roofing tile should look exactly like any other sheet once cut into proper sizes for your project. There is no discernable difference between them aside from the variation in size that comes from cutting them.

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