How Much Does A Roof Inspection Cost?

A roof inspection may help you avoid thousands of dollars in future repairs. So How Much Does A Roof Inspection Cost? The cost of roof inspection will vary based on the sort of business rooftop you have, its size, the position of your structure, and any present roof materials. On average, property owners may anticipate paying anywhere from $290 to $350 for a roof survey.

Some roofing firms give free inspections to meet potential clients, demonstrate their expertise, and develop brand awareness. Consider performing a roof inspection before you spend too much on a whole roof replacement. If an issue is discovered during the inspection, our business roof coatings might be less expensive to address commercial roof concerns.

You could be concerned that a roof inspection would cause delays at your business. This isn't the case.

Drone inspecting the roof over the house, How Much Does A Roof Inspection Cost?

How much does a roof inspection cost?

The typical cost of a roof inspection is $290 to $350 nationwide. The charge for a roof inspection depends on various factors, including the size, slope, and material of your roof, as well as the sort of inspection. The majority of roof inspectors provide a fixed rate, while the square footage of the roof prices others.

A thorough examination of your roof is often required for insurance, refinancing, or selling a house, as well as detecting damage that needs to be fixed. A periodic expert inspection can discover problems before they become serious issues—such as leaks that haven't made their way into your living room yet—and can help you avoid future emergencies.

What factors influence the cost of a roofing inspection?

The cost of a roof inspection will be determined by the kind of inspection done by the contractor, the size and materials of your roof, and whether it's accessible.

Type of inspection

Physical, drone and infrared inspections are the three most common types of roof inspections. Physical inspections cost more; drones and infrared cameras are considerably less expensive.

Physical roof inspections:

An inspector on the roof of a residential structure examines a skylight

Examinations of different parts of your home are the most frequent and affordable, costing on average $75 to $200 across the country.

In-person, a licensed contractor inspects your roof and everything attached to it (chimney, gutters, etc.). The average cost of a one-story home's roof inspection is $150. A two-story house will cost you an additional $200.

Drone roof inspections: 

Drone in the air inspecting the roof over the house

When the homeowner's roof is challenging to access—for example, it's very high or steep—a roof inspector will employ a drone. It will take an average of $150 to $400 across the country.

An inside inspection is performed by an expert using a drone equipped with a camera to capture detailed views of all surfaces for the engineer to analyze.

Infrared roof inspections: 

Infrared thermovision image showing warmed roofs on family homes

Use a drone with a camera to capture thermal images of your roofing to inspect your roof for infrared or thermal damage. The average cost to replace a shelter in the United States is $400 to $600 per square.

An infrared inspection can detect leaks and flaws in a roof by noting areas were warmer (or colder) indoor air is escaping from the home. If the indoor air is leaking out, it indicates a flaw in the area. Because of the high-tech equipment required, this is the most costly form of inspection.

Size of the roof

Roof inspectors may or may not charge a premium for a huge roof, and they might charge you by the square foot of roof surface area or the entire roof surface area.

Type of roofing material

You may pay more for knowledge on an uncommon roofing material like wood shingles or barrel tile. A slate tile roof inspection, for example, costs almost four times as much as an asphalt roof inspection.

Roof accessibility

A complete roof inspection will cost more if your roof is exceptionally tall or steep, and you'll have to upgrade to a more expensive drone inspection.


The cost of inspecting your roof is determined by several factors, including where you live and the climate. If you reside in an area prone to storms or tornadoes, you'll need to use a specialist in spotting blow-offs and shingles that the wind has lifted. In a humid environment, look for someone who can detect water damage.

Attic inspection

Male construction worker builder wearing white hard hat crouching on elevated scaffolding and reading plans near ceiling

A thorough roof inspection doesn't always include a look in the attic. Expect to pay an extra $125 to $200 on average if you want an inspector to climb inside and search for leaks, water damage, or cracks.

Roof certification

Roofing inspectors can request a roof certification letter from your roofer as part of their examination. It is $75 to $200, more expensive than the basic inspection fee.

If you're selling or refinancing your home, a roof certification letter is required. It describes the general condition and predicts its lifespan and other essential details.

Why pay for a roof inspection?

Roofs are an essential element of every house. These buildings provide shade, warmth, and safety; they must therefore be maintained in excellent working order at all times. Our roofs, on the other hand, are frequently neglected. They may have problems for years before you become aware of them. At that time, if the damage is significant, it will cost thousands of pounds to repair.

This is where roof inspections shine. Whether done manually or by drone, Roof inspections are the ideal method to highlight any future concerns. This not only saves you money but also detects problems before they harm your quality of life and home's structural soundness. If you're looking to buy a new home, make sure the survey includes a roof inspection; this is something that may not be covered in some cases.

Even if you have no plans to relocate, a regular examination of your roof might help you preserve your house. A solid top can even aid in the prevention of intruders gaining access. Not to mention, if you don't report an issue with your roof, your home insurance may be void. This is why having a roof evaluation is so crucial.

How long does a roof inspection take?

Depending on the size of your roof, what's being examined, and the degree of difficulty, a professional roof inspection might take 45 minutes to four hours. After the review, you'll receive a report within a week that describes what they checked, what they discovered, and what their suggested following actions are—such as repairs or modifications you need to make.