How Much Does a Copper Roof Cost?


$25,051 - $37,577

On a single-story home with a 1,800 square foot roof, the cost of a copper roof ranges from $25,051 to $37,577. The price is determined by your roof's slope, pitch, and size. Roof replacement can cost from $11 to $15 per square foot or between $1,100 and $1,500 for the installation as a whole. Labor costs will vary depending on regional average roofing labor rates.

A shiny copper roof of a building, How Much Does a Copper Roof Cost?

Is Copper Roofing Worth the Cost?

Copper roofs are not only beautiful, but they have a significant resale value. Metal roofing homeowners in the United States profit an average of 85.9% ROI across the country. Aluminum roofing might help you save money on your insurance premiums, especially in areas like Texas and California that are vulnerable to blazes. If you're unsure if copper roofing is a good investment, it all depends on how much you like the look of it and whether you can afford to replace your roof.

A gorgeous copper roofing

Copper Roof Installations

The best metal roofing material is copper. Its durability and elegance are unparalleled. Because copper does not rust, it is not coated or painted. Copper roofs are left unfinished, and as time goes by, they acquire a protective green patina (like the Statue of Liberty.) They're an appealing roof type to have built-in little sections for the sake of beauty.

Copper roofs are often utilized in unique house design features such as the roof of a prominent window or dormer. They can also be costly, thus they are generally avoided in standard construction. They are waterproof, heat-resistant, and extremely durable. They can resist tornadoes and blizzards, and they are even crack-proof, shrink-proof, and erosion-resistant.

  • Lasts Because of 60+ years.
  • This design style adds a beautiful aesthetic to your house.
  • They are also fire-resistant, which can reduce insurance rates.
  • Average ROI for house value: 85.9%
  • Weathers well with time.

How Much Does A Roof Repair Cost?

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What Is the Average Life of a Copper Roof?

A huge building with copper roofing at a big city

A copper roof, on the other hand, has a considerably longer lifespan. While a fiberglass roof may be replaced every few years, a copper roof will last far longer. During that time, a new copper roof may endure for anywhere from 60 to 100 years without needing any attention.

Copper Roof Maintenance

Copper is resistant to weathering, requiring no painting or finishing. Even though copper roofs can expand and compress in response to weather changes, which might cause fasteners to loosen and necessitate repair, this is not a significant issue. It's also simple to maintain, even when it comes to basic maintenance. It doesn't take much beyond normal upkeep to make it happen.

Copper Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaners cleaning the gutters

Copper roofs may become dull with time, but there are ways to restore their original copper color. There are several alternatives for cleaning your copper roof, including using a chemical or natural solution to restore it to its original state, which may be achieved with the help of big quantities of store-bought or homemade cleaners. Although this is an excellent method, many homeowners prefer to employ a professional copper roof cleaning service to assist them in the cleaning and restoration of copper roofing materials.

Preserving Copper Roof Color

Copper bracket for a roof reinforcement

You may refinish your roof and brighten it up by sanding down the metal flake. You may also restore the natural new sheen of your copper roof to its full transparency by spraying it with a transparent polyurethane or clear lacquer. This, in combination with copper's natural green hue, will cause your copper roof to patinate for longer and delay the natural green tint that comes with natural oxidation. It will start to become green after 20 years. You may get your copper roof cleaned or replaced by a local roofing contractor if necessary.

Pros and Cons of Copper Roofing 

There are a few advantages and drawbacks to consider before putting a second copper roof on an existing structure. You may be hesitant about the noise produced by metal roofs in the rain and wind if you're unfamiliar with them. Even though a flat roof is completely silent, you may anticipate the sounds of your neighbors. That's because effective attic insulation (which is a must-have regardless of roof type) will keep your home quiet even while it's raining cats and dogs. Copper roofing will not raise your chances of being struck by lightning. Copper does not attract or conduct electricity. Because copper roofing is fire resistant, if your property is hit by lightning, the danger of fire is reduced as a result, so you may be safer with a copper roof.

Is a copper roof worth it?

A shiny copper roof of a building

While this isn't always the case, it's often an excellent investment. Just look at the average return on investment for a relatively modern copper roof compared to several other materials.

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