Can you use Wet-and-Forget on metal roofs?

Suppose you've already invested in a painted metal roof or are thinking about doing so. In that case, you may be aware that metal roofing is a significant financial and practical investment with several advantages, including longevity and durability. But what if we told you that one thing that was overlooked might result in your roof failing or requiring early replacement? The one thing you must do is clean your metal roof. So, Can you use Wet-and-Forget on metal roofs?

Yes, you can. Cleaning your painted metal roof with Wet & Forget has several advantages over other types of roofs, but you need to be cautious not to damage the metal or its attachments while doing so.

You may have noticed that the unsightly stains on your roof that annoyed you last year are still there as the weather warms up and we all begin spending more time outside. Moss, lichen, or fungus on the roof might detract from the appearance of your home and encourage you to refrain from looking up this summer.

Although moss may not bug you at first, it can grow beneath shingles and cause them to lift off the roof, as well as its root-like structures can cause pitting on the roof's surface. Getting rid of these abnormal growths now will save you money in the long run if a roof leak causes water damage.

To get rid of these unsightly growths, you don't need to apply harsh chemicals that harm your downspouts or a time-consuming power washer that might damage shingles. Wet & Forget Outdoor is the most effective method of removing these stains and keeping your roof's surface healthy and attractive.

Here are 4 reasons why it is the best.

man spraying wet-and-forget unto asphalt shingle roof for treatment. Can you use Wet-and-Forget on metal roofs

1.Removes Harmful Moss 

Moss may be found almost anywhere there is a water source, including on your roof. It's prevalent in wet areas like the Pacific Northwest, but it can also be found throughout the United States. Moss has a fuzzy, green, carpet-like surface.

It has been known to spread until it covers the entire roof if left unchecked. On the other hand, Moss can cause severe damage to your roof by developing beneath shingles and lifting them free of the membrane. Moss also grows root-like structures that might cause pitting in your roof's shingles.

High detail nature background with green fresh moss on the home roof

Water damage can occur if your roof is leaking, creating a mess on the ground below, or if it has rusted and corroded due to age. You risk mold growth within your home and thousands of dollars in repair costs when this happens.

Wet & Forget Outdoor is a moss-free solution that requires no scrubbing or power washing. Simply follow the steps below to use Wet & Forget Outdoor, and let our product take care of the rest.

After a few days, Moss will turn brown and lift off your roof's surface. A simple sweep with a broom can help you remove the dead Moss from your roof in extreme circumstances. It's that easy!

2.Doesn't Damage Gutters or Downspouts

The gutters and downspouts on your home's foundation are its first line of defense against water damage. Freezing and thawing can lead to a wet basement, a wet groundwork, and even significant cracks in the foundation as a result of gutter or downspout issues.

Corrosion can also result from harsh chemicals like bleach, which may cause damage to your home's metal components, especially downspouts. Power washers generate such a powerful jet of water that even the smallest error might cause gutters or downspouts to be damaged, as well as alter the alignment of your gutters in a way that is not immediately apparent but will impede effective water flow.

white painted metal gutter with endcap close up

When your gutters and downspouts are not operating correctly, the foundation of your home is in danger.

Follow the Foundation Repair Association's guidelines to clean and inspect your gutters and downspouts in the spring and fall. Remove Moss, lichen, algae, mold, or mildew from your roof with Wet & Forget Outdoor once you've inspected your home's roof, gutters, and downspouts.

When you clean your roof with Wet & Forget Outdoor, you don't have to be concerned about the effort you've put into maintaining your gutters over the winter. Spray and forget about it!

3.Remove the unsightly black slime/algae

The most typical reason for these unsightly black stains on roofs is black algae. Black algae is a kind of cyanobacteria with a dark-hued capsule protecting it from sunlight.

Black algae thrive in areas with adequate light, such as the sunny side of your roof. The protective casing provides the dark color of black algae; it also makes this development robust and difficult to remove using bleach or washing.

pigeon on clay roof with black algae or slime

Have no concern—Wet & Forget Outdoor will remove black algae from your roof. Wet & Forget Outdoor removes black algae stains without the need for scrubbing, power cleaning, or chemical assault.

Use the techniques outlined below to apply Wet & Forget Outdoor, and let it take care of everything. Because black algae's defensive capsule takes longer to break down than other growths, it fades more slowly. Wet & Forget Outdoor kill black algae stains in the wind and rain, preventing them from returning for at least a year in most situations. That's incredible!

Wet & Forget Outdoor will also remove green algae from your roof, thriving in shaded areas.

4.Won't harm Shingles

You may have heard of cleaning the roof with bleach or a power washer. However, if you use these techniques, you risk damaging the thing you're attempting to preserve. Power washers shoot out a strong stream of water that can lift or split shingles if done incorrectly.

Harsh chemicals like bleach may harm the chimney seals and other vulnerable areas, as well as certain types of shingle material. This may leave your property susceptible to water leaks.

man spraying chemical on roof shingles

Wet & Forget Outdoor is an environmentally friendly product that gently removes algae, moss, lichen, mold, and mildew from your roof without the need of scrubbing and without damaging it. Wet & Forget Outdoor keeps stains from returning for at least a year in most situations.

That won't be accomplished with bleach or power washing! That means you'll be grilling outside while your neighbor is up on his roof with the sprayer or power washer yet again. When that happens, offer him a cold glass of iced tea and explain why your roof is the cleanest in the neighborhood.

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